Thursday, 17 March 2016

Helpful SQL Server Solutions from Lepide for Effective Data Auditing & Management

Microsoft SQL Server – one of the most widely used relational database management system is popular worldwide for its effective data storage and retrieval capabilities. However, when it comes to protecting confidential information stored in these SQL servers, security still remains a matter of concern for both small and large enterprises.

Fortunately, we know how important it is to monitor what’s happening across your SQL servers and who is making what type of changes. Often, even the SQL server’s own auditing tools aren’t sufficient alone to fulfil your comprehensive data security requirements. That’s the reason why Lepide introduced effective SQL server auditing, storage and management solutions to help organizations meet security compliances while executing stress-free change auditing.

Let’s have a closer look at all these tools that allow enterprises to breathe in a safe IT environment while spotting potential security issues and protecting your organization from getting exposed to data breach incidents.

LepideAuditor for SQL Server – The simplest way to Audit Changes Done Across SQL Servers

LepideAuditor for SQL Server is the easiest, quickest and the most economical auditing and monitoring solution to monitor who’s doing what, where and when, across your SQL Servers.  

This software is available either standalone or as a component of the complete change auditing and monitoring utility - LepideAuditor Suite. It notifies IT administrators via instant email alerts and delivers automatic reports whenever any critical modifications are made to your IT systems.

Key Benefits of Using LepideAuditor for SQL Server

* Advanced reporting functionality with option to build customized reports as per your convenience – whether you want to get details on just a single log, multiple changes, login changes, top users, active databases, replication, permissions and roles information, data replication and modifications done to tables etc.

*  Besides offering a secure web console, it helps organizations to track SQL server activity trends that specify who did most changes and which user used what resource to accomplish the task. With this feature, one can easily track potential security issues and monitor even the minutest of the details required to spot any suspicious activity.

*  Threshold Based Alerts are sent straight to the inbox based on criteria like time and event.

*  Enables you to monitor SQL Server Changes while on-the-go via LepideAuditor mobile app which is available for all devices including iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets, etc

Lepide SQL Server HealthCheck to Keep Track on Health Status

SQL Server HealthCheck is a component of LepideAuditor Suite – an integrated solution for tracking and monitoring health status of all SQL servers across your IT environment.

The software enables IT administrators to constantly monitor the health status of their storage environment by auditing changes done across SQL servers, monitoring their health status and reporting the same via email notifications sent straight to your inbox.

Key Benefits of Using Lepide SQL Server HealthCheck

*  This utility keeps a constant check on important parameters such as CPU usage, memory consumption, service activity, error rates, deadlock and user activities etc. 

*  The software also notifies about any changes done across your SQL servers via making use of its alerting and reporting features.

Lepide SQL Server Storage Manager to Gain Visibility on Storage & Performance

Lepide SQL Server Storage Manager is a freeware offered by Lepide that helps in tracking performance of the server, analyzing storage space used by it and structuring everything in proper format.

By providing complete visibility of storage and performance, this software helps IT administrators to know any potential issues with your SQL servers including disk space utilization, defragmentation, object switching, table partitioning, indexes etc. beforehand.

Key Benefits of Using Lepide SQL Server Storage Manager

* This utility eliminates the need to write complex SQL server queries and stored procedures.

* Sends real-time alerts and reports straight to your inbox.

* Offers a one-stop solution to create integrated reports of all SQL resources in a single file.

* Graphical UI to display information of all SQL server elements, resources etc. in a single dashboard.

The Final Verdict

SQL server issues like data leakage, extended downtime, server errors and other disastrous situations can’t just be avoided. However, IT admins can always prepare themselves to face even the worst failure scenarios with utmost confidence. Lepide aims to do just that. By offering effective SQL auditing, storage and management solutions, we empower IT to move ahead in this cyber-threat world while ensuring a protected IT environment.